Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update from Baku

So, the first week of summer seminar at BSES is almost over. It has been just 5 days, but I feel as I have been living in Baku for almost a month because of how much we have accomplished in just a few days.

I have been privileged to meet not only famous professionals and academics in the field of energy, but was also astonished when Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy bus took me to the Sangachal Oil Terminal, one of the largest oil terminals in the world where Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan Pipeline starts. We got a chance not only to learn about how oil and gas are produced, but also physically observed the difference between high-quality light Azeri oil and a heavy Venezuelan type. In just a few days, we have gone through such aspects of energy as economics, law, revenue and resource management. Obviously, the material is not the easiest to absorb, but those of you who want to tie their futures to energy sector should be prepared for a very challenging life.

We also visited the campus of a recently established Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (2006), one of the program sponsors. I am sure that this school has a great future and will definitely have a chance to get in line with the best schools for International Affairs in the world. I am also seriously considering a second Master's degree at ADA myself. Fortunately, I do not feel like leaving Baku at all, which implies that the program, the crowd, and the environment completely live up to my expectations.

Tomorrow we will continue discussing contemporary trends of waste management and the effects of the global climate change on the Caspian Basin. Especially, everyone is very excited about the upcoming cocktail reception in a historic oil-workers' pub. Well, it's Friday after all. Saturday and Sunday will be also full of various cultural and leisure activities. By the way, I forgot to mention that for those of you who are not fans of swimming pools, the Caspian Sea is not bad at all. The water is not exactly the same as in the Atlantic Ocean or Lake Michigan, but clean enough not to catch a disease. There is more information and pictures to come.
famous Flame Towers

televised debate on energy trends with ADA scholars

everyday seminars

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